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As professional learning evolves overtime, there are numerous ways in which teachers can learn and
grow including PLCs, lesson study, peer observation, self-study, distance/blended learning and
attending face-to-face courses with colleagues in central Florida. Each of these methods of
learning contributes to professional growth. As reflective practitioners, educators are accountable
to ensure personal learning results in a change in practice that increases student achievement.

What can I expect when attending a FDLRS Action professional learning event?

Expect to participate in a dynamic, hands-on learning experience led by expert facilitators. We
are committed to supporting educators and administrators in their quest to positively impact
student outcomes! The information and skills teachers acquire empower the refinement of practices
in ways that can transform student learning. At FDLRS Action, we design and deliver targeted
professional development that aligns with school improvement and personal learning goals. Our
professional learning courses engage educators in research/evidence-based content, practices,
behaviors and methods proven to impact student achievement. Our goal is to empower teacher
implementation of new learning with students, while determining how new teacher practices are
impacting student outcomes.

The Essential Question
How are changes in my instructional practices positively impacting my students' learning?

Teacher PracticesStudent Performance
What is the FOCUS?


Participants' Use of New Knowledge and Skills


Student Outcomes

should I be asking myseIf?

How have I changed my instructional practices as a result of my new learning?

  • Am I exhibiting "look-fors" associated with effective implementation of new learning?
  • What have I learned from reflecting on implementation?

As a result of my new learning and change(s) in practice, what evidence do I have that indicates an 
increase in student achievement?

  • What is the criteria for determining a successful outcome?
  • How often will I need to monitor or evaluate for decision-making?
What is
Impact of professional development on teaching practicesImpact of professional development on student achievement
TOOLS can be utilized?
  • Teacher feedback
  • Teacher observation/reflection
  • Student work
  • Student survey
  • Common assessments
  • Student portfolios
  • Student surveys to determine perceived competence

Adapted from: Guskey,T .(2000) . Evaluating professional development . Thousand Oaks, CA: Corwin Press.

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